Eric Hesselbo: Online Sketchbook

Graphic & Media Design at UAL


The process by which principles used in fast food chains such as Mc Donald’s have dominate our society. To understand Mc Donaldization it is important to understand Max Weber’s concept of rationalisation. … Continue reading

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A Spatial study: Apple store Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a space with heritage and history. The area began it’s market trading activities in the eighteenth century. The buildings are impressive big stone structures. Apple’s store is … Continue reading

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Simulated space & Disneyisation

We ventured into Elephant & Castle in search of a Simulated space. We were thinking of themed areas which were obvious replicas of natural things. We walked into the shopping centre finding … Continue reading

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Guy Debord’s thesis 33

Apple products are a great example of Debords number thirty three thesis, “Separated from his product, man himself produces all the details of his world with ever increasing power, and … Continue reading

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Week five – Place and Space/Smart Cities

This weeks lecture was all about smart cities and relationship between the digital realm and space + place. We explored the notions of the Internet being a physical infrastructure. A … Continue reading

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Week four (Review): The Crystal London – an expensive Siemens advert.

The Crystal is like the disappointment of a bad berry. It’s ever so glistening in the sunshine. In this case, under the sun of the London Royal Docks, but it’s … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s Vision 2020 for London’s Future

Boris Johnson’s vision of London is of coarse positive, and it reaches out to be positive for everyone. However many people would disagree with a lot of the comments made … Continue reading

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